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Check out the answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

What is the length of stay at House of Hope Piedmont?

Our program is individually focused to meet the resident where they are and work alongside them through their healing journey. The typical length of stay to complete the program ranges from 12 to 18 months; however, this depends on the resident’s commitment to the program. Our program consists of the residents working through 5 phases, including a transition to home phase to ensure a smooth transition back home.

How many counseling sessions do our residents receive?
Each of our residents receives one individual counseling session and one group counseling session per week. At times, a resident may receive more sessions based upon their needs at the time – this will be decided by the counselor and will be reported to the families at that time. The families are also required to participate in individual counseling, which will include weekly counseling sessions with the counselor and weekly parenting groups. Family counseling sessions will be conducted as appropriate and decided by the counselor.
How often will I be able to have contact with my daughter while she is at House of Hope Piedmont?

What sets House of Hope Piedmont apart from other residential treatment programs is that we encourage and require the participation of all families from the beginning. Each resident will complete an initial orientation period upon arriving at House of Hope Piedmont to get acquainted with the program, and they will be allowed to make weekly phone calls home at an assigned time. Visits are permitted on a routinely scheduled basis as well after the completion of the orientation phase throughout the duration of the resident’s stay.

How much does House of Hope Piedmont cost?

House of Hope Piedmont is a non-profit organization that does not accept insurance or government funding and has set the price to be reasonable for the quality therapeutic care your daughter will receive. House of Hope Piedmont has a standard monthly tuition rate that has been calculated to ensure your daughter will receive the best care while with us. However, we understand that not all families are able to meet that standard monthly tuition rate, so we do offer a sliding scale that is based on the family’s income level. If funding is available, House of Hope Piedmont can offer scholarships to assist with this rate for those who qualify. The monthly tuition rate covers expenses related to your daughter’s schooling, room and board, counseling sessions, transportation, and most activities.

Is House of Hope Piedmont's program Christian-based?

House of Hope Piedmont is a Christian-based organization providing a comprehensive residential treatment program for teenage girls. Our staff is committed to following and honoring Jesus Christ through our words, actions and deeds in our relationship with all people. We will introduce and teach your child the principles of scripture and the Christian faith, but we will in no way force any kind of beliefs or conversion on them.

If my daughter does not want to come, can she be Involuntarily placed at House of Hope Piedmont?

House of Hope Piedmont is not an involuntary program or a lockdown facility; however, we are a 24-hour staffed family-style environment within a residential area of Davie County. Our leadership team and our staff are dedicated to working with you and your daughter on rebuilding relationships, trust, and respect. Our campus is safe and secure to protect our residents and to prevent runaways while we are charged with caring for your daughter.

What is required of me as a family member of a resident at House of Hope Piedmont?

House of Hope Piedmont’s program works best if the families live within a 2-hour distance from our campus to ensure that they will be able to commute to our campus. Our families may be traveling to our campus 2-3 times per week to attend their counseling sessions, parenting sessions, and visitations with their daughters. We also want to ensure that your daughter understands that you’re just as committed to the program as she is by being committed and supportive of her through each phase of the process, attending church weekly, and providing documentation to your House of Hope Piedmont counselor. If you do not have a home church, we are willing to assist with finding a church that would be a good match for you and your family. Our families are also required to commit to paying for their counseling sessions and paying the monthly tuition on time to ensure that their daughter is able to remain in and complete the program.

How many girls can House of Hope Piedmont take?

Currently, House of Hope Piedmont has a capacity for 3 residents, with the potential to add up to 4 more within a two-year period. We believe that our program size being smaller will offer each resident the best quality therapeutic care to restore meaningful relationships and lead to transformation of their journey for what God wants to do in their life.

What school will my child attend while at House of Hope Piedmont?

House of Hope Piedmont is registered as a boarding school in North Carolina under Hope Academy and provides on-site education through the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) program. ACE is a biblically based curriculum and allows residents to learn at their own pace. Each resident will be given a diagnostic test to determine an appropriate placement level during their orientation phase to House of Hope Piedmont. Your daughter will spend approximately 30 hours per week engaged in educational activities.