We give hope to struggling teens and their families.

 Our mission is to restore hope, love, honor and structure in the home through Christ-centered principles and prayer ministry.

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We strive to change lives one teen at a time at House of Hope Piedmont. We provide healing and restoration to teenage girls and their families to rebuild relationships and provide hope for what lies ahead through a biblical and Christ-centered approach.

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We provide parenting classes, training for youth leaders and counselors, and a network of Christ-centered residential programs for troubled teenage girls in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. Our mission is to restore hope, love, honor, and structure in the home through Christ-centered principles and prayer ministry.

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A person’s teenage years can be tumultuous and difficult for many reasons. But many families, schools, and churches are left feeling hopeless and lost when dealing with troubled teenagers. At House of Hope Piedmont, we want you to know that hope lies ahead, and there is a way forward with our support and guidance.

As a Christian-based nonprofit organization, we help teenage girls heal while also paving the way for a restoration of family relationships. Through our ministry, we can be instruments in God’s hands and reclaim the future for teenage girls going through difficult times and struggling to find a way forward.

We work with teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 17 and help them overcome many of today’s destructive issues. Some of these include addictions, social media, depression, cutting, abuse, and much more.

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How You Can Help

We are affiliated with the National House of Hope and are a beacon of hope for teenage girls who are struggling with the many pressures and difficulties of navigating their teenage years. To learn more about how you can get involved or to make a donation, contact us today.

House of Hope Piedmont

House of Hope Piedmont

We help teenage girls overcome many of the destructive issues they face today, such as addictions, social media, cutting, eating disorders, and more.

House of Hope Piedmont

Our counseling services are designed to help struggling teenage girls while restoring family relationships.

House of Hope Piedmont

Our programs are unique in that we work with the whole family to provide hope and healing, instead of just the struggling teenager.

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