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Our faith-based recovery program supports teens and their families.

A Christian faith-based recovery program relies on practical techniques for healing while also placing a strong emphasis on Christian principles. This can be a highly effective combination that allows participants to find greater hope and healing during the difficult recovery process.

Faith-Based Recovery Program in Mocksville, North Carolina

Although there are several faith-based recovery program options for you to choose from here in the Mocksville, North Carolina area, we highly encourage you to consider our program for your struggling teenage daughter or loved one. At House of Hope Piedmont, we run a faith-based recovery program that is specifically designed for teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 17 years old.

The teenagers in our program live on-site and attend school while they go through the six phases of our program. We provide time for daily devotions and Bible study, and we provide a faith-based point of view when providing counseling and other services to the teenagers going through our program.

We place a strong emphasis on the family throughout all phases of our recovery program. For example, we provide counseling sessions for the teenage girls in our program and their families so that they can work together on rebuilding these relationships. Our team has found that these family counseling sessions are highly valuable for all participants, helping families reconnect and talk through tough topics.

If you are looking for a faith-based recovery program, we want to tell you more about our program and how it works. Contact us today to learn more or to determine if our program is the right fit for a struggling teenage girl in your life.


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