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Support our mission and help build the future of local teenage girls.

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Our program at House of Hope Piedmont focuses on helping struggling teen girls between the ages of 13 and 17 in the Mocksville, North Carolina area. We offer a Christian education, positive peer support, a caring and attentive staff, and a safe place for teens to grow and flourish. Our program is the culmination of dedication and persistence, with the goal of helping as many teens as we can. To help us with this mission, we encourage you to make a donation so that we can continue our path.

Make a Donation in Mocksville, North Carolina

Our team is dedicated to enriching the lives of the teen girls we serve in ways that help them become more confident in themselves. Our whole-teen-centered approach starts with a strong foundation of Christian morals, biblical teachings, individual and group counseling, and a sense of community. Our onsite school, HOPE Academy, uses an accelerated Christian education curriculum, as well as additional supports to help teens process their struggles and learn how to make choices that help them thrive. We also work closely with the teens’ families.

When you make a donation, you allow us to continue making a difference. Our program does not take insurance, but we also don’t turn families away for financial reasons. With your help and the support of our community, we know we can continue to provide teens and families with the help they need. Donating is easy through our website, or you can send a check by calling our office for the address.

We feel strongly that our mission is one that can build a better future for the teens we work with, as well as repair their families. Contact us today to learn more or make a donation today.