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Your donation allows us to continue offering teen girls the support they need.

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When you donate to a Christian cause, such as our program at House of Hope Piedmont, you give troubled teen girls in the Mocksville, North Carolina area the chance to make a fresh start and learn the necessary skills to make healthy choices for their futures.

Donate to a Christian Cause in Mocksville, North Carolina

Our team works hard to help teen girls in our community build confidence in themselves and learn how to forge lasting and meaningful relationships that fill them with the support they need. Our teachings provide a biblical and Christ-centered approach that focuses on healing and restoration. We not only offer a Christian education, but our team also offers guidance and counseling for the teens in our care. This well-rounded curriculum ensures they gain valuable insight and skills to make better choices. When you donate to a Christian cause, you become a part of our mission.

Also, when you donate to a Christian cause, you make it possible for us to help more teens who are struggling in our area. We do our best to help as many teen girls as we can. However, we do not take insurance for payment. Rather, we work with the families to ensure they and their teen get the support they need and never turn someone away for financial reasons.

When working with teens, we take a well-rounded approach. This approach teaches them the value of positive peer interactions, problem-solving skills, communication, and a strong foundation in faith. With your support and donation, we can continue this valuable work and set teenage girls in the Mocksville area on a path toward success. Contact our team today to learn how to donate.