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We can help teens get started on the right foot by focusing on the skills they need for the future.

By taking a values-based and all-around approach to learning, a Christian education can be very important for helping teens learn the skills they will need for the rest of their lives. At House of Hope Piedmont, we offer teen girls in the 13–17 age range the opportunity to carve a better path for themselves in the Mocksville, North Carolina area.

Christian Education in Mocksville, Noth Carolina

Christian education stresses moral and ethical standards that come from biblical teachings. To help students make better choices in many areas of their lives, our teachers stress the importance of developing a strong moral sense. This foundation is critical to helping our teens move beyond the behaviors they’ve struggled with and work toward healthier choices and relationships.

Through this method of looking at things through a moral and ethical lens, Christian education often promotes critical thinking. Our students learn how to think about things, figure out solutions, and choose actions that are in line with their faith. This skill is very useful for dealing with problems in a variety of settings they may face once they leave our program. Additionally, our program works to teach teens the value of communication. Through counseling and peer interactions, they learn how to clearly say what they want to say, listen carefully, and have polite conversations.

Our program is based on Christian education methods that can set struggling teens on a better path. We teach them the skills needed for lifelong success so they can not only turn their lives around, but also feel confident about their futures. If you’re concerned about your teen, contact our team today.