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Give your teen the support they need with a dedicated program for education and growth.

The teenage years are a time of a lot of growth and development, but for some teens, the period is filled with difficult challenges. Schools for troubled teens, such as our program at House of Hope Piedmont, work to give teens a safe and positive place to grow and learn so they can handle their problems and become stronger, more resilient adults.

Schools For Troubled Teens in Mocksville, North Carolina

Schools for troubled teens often can give teens the individualized attention they need during this time. For instance, our program for teenage girls in the Mocksville, North Carolina area offers guidance and support that caters to their individual needs, ensuring they get a well-rounded education that focuses on schoolwork and character development.

We also provide interventions, such as counseling. With our support, teens learn to talk about their feelings, work through their problems, and learn new ways to deal with them in a safe environment. This all-around method helps teens build emotional strength and gives them the tools they need as they continue to grow. Our school for troubled teens also helps students regain confidence in their academic skills. We do this by offering smaller class groups, dedicated teachers, and encouraging teens to become invested in their schooling and futures.

Teenagers need to feel like they belong, and teens who are having problems often feel alone or not understood. Our program builds a welcoming community where students can have positive interactions and learn to rely on and help each other on their path. If you have a teenage girl who is between ages 13 and 17 and you are looking for schools for troubled teens in the Mocksville area, contact our team today.